Sales is always changing, I still remember the days where we shifted from sending letters to sending emails.  We realised how many more emails we could send instead of letters and all without the cost of a stamp.

Fast forward to the internet, digital, social media and mobile age.

We too have a "more for less" moment.

While in the past we would have to "throw shit at the wall and hope it would stick" through legacy sales methods such as cold calling.  The problem with cold calling is, you have to call and call and you don't know if these people will ever buy.

Where as with social you are able to focus in on only the people who will buy and in many cases people will actually come to you.

The other issue you have with legacy sales is that you have to run around chasing prospects who will probably never buy.  While Sales Gurus make millions in teaching people how to qualify.  Social Selling has qualification already built in.

Sales has always been a situation where it is just too easy to be "busy fools" at last there are ways you can stop having to run around and waste time leaving voicemails that nobody will answer.

The time is to get more efficient and more effective in sales.