Social is making a transformational impact on business and I'm not talking about Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

I'm talking about this use of social media internally.  The likes of Slack (which we use) we also use Glip from Ringcentral as they are customers of ours.  That said there are also products from the likes of Salesforce (chatter), Oracle (Oracle social network), Microsoft (Yammer and Teams) as well as other products like Jabber, etc.  The fact that leading companies such as Salesforce, Microsoft and Oracle are baking this shows that there is a clear market for internal social.

I'm aware, that many people have tried that and failed.  But there are also people that have implemented social internally and gained massive benefits.  We run Digital Leadership Associates on Social, I currently have 3 emails in my email inbox.  That's not a boast, but an example on its efficiency and effectiveness.  in my last company we were able to get 25% additional efficiency from the employees from using social.  That's an additional 25% employees for free .... as a company that had 100,000 employees we got 25,000 employees for free.  If you are saying that great that works well for big companies but not for small ones, here at DLA we have 8 employees.

So what makes a difference?

1. Strong leadership, if your leadership think that they will buy it and not use it, the project will fail.

2. You need to look for reasons to embed social in your business, for example we got 95% accuracy for our sales forecast.  Forecast accuracy isn't the first example that most companies would pick.

3.  This isn't just a sales thing, for example we got maternity returners contributing quicker.  While that has a monetary impact, more importantly it has an employee experience impact.

4. It does not just cover "social" activity, for example we could see which cold callers were contributing to the business.  

5.  In fact social is a great way to see which employees are contributing,  we also give our global capability network access to our slack network, so you can see which of these are contributing to the business.

6.  And of course, as a global business and distributed business we can collaborate across location, geography and time-zone.  Probably why we don't have any offices.

7. We got sales people contributing earlier than normal, again this will have a massive monetary impact but an employee experience impact too.