Some interesting research, which seems to be heavily IT related.

If we look at digital transformation it means using digital  to make a company more efficient and effective.  In fact this isn't about IT, it's about people and process.

In Nicholas Carr's book "Does IT Matter" he discusses the fact that IT is a bit like a road.  It gets you from "A" to "B".  Replacing IT is a bit like replacing a road.  A road, is still a road even if it has a new surface.  It still gets you from "A" to "B".  You may have an accounting system that you move from On Premise to Cloud, but it is still an accountancy system.

The first thing you need for any digital transformation success is leadership.  This leadership must come from the Board or the C-Suite in the US.  We met with a company recently that said "we don't need to understand social, we have interns to do this for us".  They have missed their last two quarters number.  We wish them good luck.

The company also must invest in the people and process, not just on training on the new cloud system.  But to question the current processes and operating model.  Digital, as we agreed is about being more efficient and effective.

To do this, people must have digital skills, by looking at most people on LinkedIn, companies just have not done this.

When I sit in cafes or when I sit and watch people anywhere, while more people use mobile phones, if companies were investing in their people there would be a spin off to digital skills and take up in society and there just isn't.