I'm currently reading "Marketing Rebellion: The Most Human Company Wins" by Mark Schaefer ... it's an interesting book.

He talks about the third Marketing revolution which has come about through the changes in the world caused by the internet, mobile and social media.

For example the removal of "secrecy" and he gives an example of McDonald's about how rumours of what the burgers may or may not be made of.  In an non internet, mobile and social media world.  Brands can continue with mass confusion.  In the internet world, ideas and views can spread.  McDonald's had to do something about the spread of negative messages and they did.

Mark also remarks about the fact that people don't like being interrupted.  We don't like adverts interrupting us, we don't like cold callers interrupting us and we don't like unsolicited emails interrupting us.  He tells the story about downloading a white paper from salesforce website and being bombarded with calls, and emails.

He describes this as burning through trust.

If I give you my email and telephone number that does not give you the right to bombard me with stuff.  Mark goes on to talk about how Martech isn't fit for purpose as it treats people as a "lead" and not a human people"

In this new world of marketing the winners will be those that treat customers as humans and treat their staff (their only unique) as humans.