Sorry but the facts are there to be seen, I wrote the article "How to get 10 C-Level meetings a week using Twitter" 4 years ago, Tony Hughes (no relation) in Australia has research that shows that social selling is twice as efficient as cold calling.  We have CMO after CMO coming to us and saying "marketing doesn't work anymore".  Recruiting SDRs is getting more and more difficult.

Cold calling is a sales tactic that is in decline and you have two choices right now, keep banging your head against the wall or jump, while you still can.

With a programmatic social selling program from a reputable supplier, not these get rich quick video training from spammers.  You will be investing in your sales team, you will be giving them a life skill and you will be offering yourself a legacy.

We see more and more people coming to us and saying "this isn't for me, this is for my team" and realising that investing in your team for the future is one of the best gifts as a manager you can give.