The article below makes me laugh, do really people think this is new, insightful and educational?

People are getting sales today from using social as part of the demand generation and sales process.

3 key areas:-

1. A buyer centric profile - Linkedin is not the place to sell, while this sounds counterintuitive.  Nobody gets up in the morning and says "I need to talk to a salesperson" in fact the internet is built to avoid sales people.

Forget the salesperson identikit and look like the expert you are in customer meetings.  You know your clients business issues, be relevant and more importantly be human.  When you go to meetings you immediately try and build rapport, you need to do this on your Linkedin profile.

2.  Build a Network - while in the past you would have collected business cards, no connect with people on social.  In your prospects, in your clients, people who influence your clients.  Your territory should now be online.  You must always send a note why you want to connect.  This is a network that will help you make your number, not a bunch of numbers.

3.  Share content - Write it, curate it and share it.  Show your clients how relevant you are to them, show them you are the expert they need to get in and sort out their business issues.  Use content to accelerate deals through your pipeline.

Don't have time for this?

Then you don't understand business today.

Social provides a prospecting methodology as well as a competitive advantage.