This article attached makes social media measurement all very difficult and complex, it's not.

There are two measurements you need to make with social media and they are:-

1.  The amount of inbound you get.  This is the amount of buyers that are searching and approach you to buy your products and services.  This means all of the work you are doing to attract them, making sure your salespeople and your employees look like experts and trustworthy.  Your content is insightful and educational.  As a business, we get 3 pieces of inbound every day.  We do no outbound marketing, no ads, no unsolicited emails and no cold calls and we do run events. 

2.  The second metric you need to measure is revenue.  So deals closed.  Most people have a "campaign code" in their CRM to track this.  They can track the inbound and the pipeline created via social through your salesforce proactive prospecting.

And there you have it, it's not complex and you don't need to hire consultants to come in and teach you.