Interesting article, in the world I work, which is B2B Enterprise, the top 6% of sales people have not cold called, certainly not for the last 5 years, if ever.

For starters, cold calling shows that your company is desperate!  Why?  Well we all did it when we didn't have enough leads and meetings.  You did it, I did it, we all did it, which is why we all know that a cold caller has run out of ideas.

The second reason, why top sales people don't cold call is that they know that cold calling is interruption and broadcast and nobody does this anymore.  It was designed in the 1930s and at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, it's just not relevant anymore.  

The third reason is that top sales people use Account Based Marketing (ABM) or Account Based Selling (ABS) they use social to connect to and build relationships with as many people as they can.  In my last company I worked at, the top 7% (in our case it was 7% not 6% as per this article).  The people that totally smashed their number, would have a network of 200 contacts at each company they worked.  Not contacts, a network.  Did they know all 200 people, no, but those 200 people knew the salesperson!

There is a growing divide between fixed mindset, through vested interest and growth mindset in sales.