In our new book "Smarketing - How to achieve competitive advantage through blended sales and marketing"; Adam Gray. Hugo Whicher and I stripped back sales and marketing and put our thinking caps on and came up with the sales and marketing operating model for tomorrow.

There is a lot talked about sales and marketing and how they should work together but nobody has written it down and used case studies to back those arguments up.

Why should there be a closer alignment between sales and marketing?  How is it that buyer dysfunction is requiring that?  Why does the structure of the past no longer work?  How do we go about the process to make a change?

It's a practical book, there are too many books that talk about the why you should do something and not the how you do it.  This book is parked very much in the how.  We have also created a workbook style of questions throughout the book.  Also put in a chapter on where people are going wrong so you can be forewarned and forearmed.

There are also chapters on the tools you might like to look at in this new world of the internet age as well as a look at Account Based Marketing (ABM) as a new go to market.