We had a meeting at a prospected customer and we were told that the company understands they need to digitally transform.  Their Government has passed legislation so that they lose 60% of their revenue so there is a clear compelling reason.  So I asked what are you doing about it?  And the answer was that everybody in the leadership team was being put on a week long digital transformation course.  Excellent, was our response, and has this changed anything we asked?  No was the answer.

Thought I would ask one question, which was, so what is the strategy that the CEO has communicated to you?  The team looked at each other and answered "you must digitally transform".  That's it? I asked.  Yes was the confused answer.  How you going to do that I asked?  We don't know was the answer, but we believe the people upstairs must know what they are doing.

So there we have it.  Total confusion.  The C-Suite hoping the people would digitally transform and the people on the shop floor assuming the C-Suite will transform.  And the only change agent is a week long course that by their own admission is changing nothing.  Other, of course, taking money from the company to the training company.

I wonder, how many more "digital transformations" lack strategy, communication, ownership and innovation and are based on hope.  As we know, hope was never a strategy.