Social Media over the last two years has jumped from Marketing to Sales to HR to Procurement to Supply Chain and it's now jumped to Finance.  In fact social media is now used throughout the business.

Why is this?

Well there is now 53% of the world, 4.021 Billion people on the internet, which is a massive market that you can access.  More importantly there is 42% of the world's population, 3.296 Billion on social media.  With 562 Million on the professional business network LinkedIn.  This for a business is a massive network in which to target with your message.

When your business posts it's financial results, making sure that the right people know about these results and controlling the message is as important as it's always been.  In the past you would have paid a PR company and they would have sent some emails, you would never know if those emails got read.

Now through Social Media, you can send out details of your results and know that people had got the message.  Better still, those people may share the details through their networks, amplify the message. You can use a product like Brandwatch to track the results.

In fact you could take a more proactive view and use influencers to amplify the message.

This article also goes on to talk about using infographics to spread the message.  Rather than sending out (boring) annual accounts, you can share snackable, bite size chunks of data.  In a form that people will share.

If you have an employee advocacy program and can get your employees to share this then your message can go far!

Just some of the ideas of how people are using social media in Finance today.