I read a lot of articles and books on digital transformation (like this one) and they are all pretty much the same.  Transform or die!  I read them and i think, yes, I know this, (as you probably do).  I read lot's of articles and books and do you know what all of they are the same.

They are all a "why"..... why you should transform.

None of them are a "how" to transform.  And actually, I think very few people know.

If you think about it, why would you.  None of us have really ever lived in such a transformative time as we do now and we are all pretty happy with making analogue things digital.  I'm thinking of the iKettle that allows me to control a kettle from my iphone.

And as Brian Solis is quoted as saying; "We tried to digital transform, but ended up in meetings".

We all know something is happening, I assume you no longer use a BBC B or Z80 computer, we have the internet and mobiles.  We see articles on Fintech, Blockchain, social media whizz past us on social media and it all feels (to me anyway) out of reach.  Gurus, use jargon, often i think so they keep a mystic it's all very confusing.  It all sounds too much like hard work.  I will look stupid if I put my hand up and do anything.  I'm not going to burn political capital.

The thing is, transformation is actually very straight forward, I'm not going to say it's simple as it would be wrong for me to say that.  But you can run it in pilots, prove it out and make a change.  It can be low cost, and offer a return on investment (ROI).  While I know the gurus will tell you ROI is old thinking, it bloody well helps if you are trying to get something signed off by your boss.

Food for thought?