My business part, Adam Gray and I are just back from a business trip to Singapore and Australia.  One question we get asked alot if what measures should people use.

Views? Likes? SSI Score? Shares? RTs? are usually put forward as example of measures, I usually allow this discussion to take place as people get more and more confused.  Then we get into a discussion about what exactly a view is.

Adam my business partner always points out that these are indicators and not measures.  If your content is getting more views than the article you published last week.  This is good.  If the companies overall SSI score has gone up, this is good.

But there is only one measure that really matters and that is revenue!

You must show a direct correlation between content being created, a social selling program and anything you do on social media and revenue. 

You must show that there is a positive return and incremental uplift.