Random acts of social can seen in many companies.

Yesterday, we were told a story about how and employee was concerned about the social media feed so rang the IT department.

Social Media if it sits in it's own department, sits in Marketing or even a social selling program in sales are all random acts of social.  They all are part of a company's journey on the road to social media maturity.  In 2018 with 55% of the world on the internet and growing.  With 40% of the world on social media and growing at 13%.  Neither are going away.  In fact companies need to embrace them.

Companies need to embrace social media across the organisation and gain the 20 - 30% incremental sales increases as well as the competitive advantage.

The other thing we hear a lot, which we were told in a meeting yesterday is that "there is a real appetite for this".

In fact, every company we talk to are saying we should move to use social media, in fact we should have done it years ago.  So what are you waiting for?

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