POLL - The results.

I asked the question:

" How are you prospecting and developing new customer acquisition in the new B2B landscape we now find ourselves and our businesses in? "

A good turnout of 123 votes and some good feedback and discussion on what works for some and for others.

A conclusive result on this though and a lean towards the change and the new territory all business people working in the customer acquisition and service landscape must take note of.

Social Selling & Influence is here and now.
Many are on the journey to grab hold of their future voice.

Digital First in B2B is here and only picking up pace.
If you don't know how to get there, ask. Happy to show you.

Do not wait until your analogue methods are redundant.
Act now and take hold of your learning and development.

All voters will receive the results.
Thanks for taking the time.

Have a great day.
Be you. Be social.

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