Are you like me, pissed off with all the email shit we get?

Want to play a game?

1.  Try this.  Whenever you get a spam email, look the person up on LinkedIn.

The only way they got your data was by scraping it from LinkedIn, so block them.

Go to the person't profile click on More and you will see the option to block somebody.

If they don't exist, (marketing departments often make names up to send these email from) find the CEO or Managing Director and send them a connection request as follows

"Hi, you don't know me but your marketing team is sending out spam emails, do you know how annoying that is.  Did you know this makes your business look like you live in the 1980s.  Do you not know there are other more efficient and effective ways to market in 2021?"

It's important you send this to somebody senior in the organisation, if you want to say it was my idea, then fine, refer them back to me. 

2. Also create a rule in email so that future emails from that person go straight into the wastepaper basket.

On Mac, click mail, preferences and rules

And create a rule that puts the spam email into the wastepaper basket.

So all those emails "did you get more emails?" you will never see as they will go straight into the bin.

Job done.

If we all do this, this will take email marketing from a 98% failure (Hubspot data) rate demand generation activity to a 98.5% failure demand generation activity to a 99% failure.

Which is good for all of us.