I've worked from home for years, it's never bothered me, as long as I have a laptop and a phone, I can work.

Here at DLA Ignite, we don't have an office, we all work virtually.  For many people it's all been very tactical.  At my previous company, pretty much everybody worked from home on Friday.  There was a non verbal agreement, that Friday was working from home and conference call day.

We all use conference calls and have done from years.  Now it's so simple, Zoom, Ring Central.  "Let's jump on  call" is now a business term many of us use.

By the way, this isn't another article about the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and if we are at risk or not. But ...

It's an article about the realism that the Coronavirus is going to define business in 2020, if not all all year, but at least for 6 or 9 months.

Let's be honest here.  There are conferences already being canceled, rugby matches cancelled and sales kickoffs being cancelled.  OK, maybe not being cancelled, but postponed. A subtle difference.

In this new realism of business, there will be more working from home, less travel, more use of conference calls .... but how as sales and marketers are we to go about doing our day job? marketing and selling?

Well we could go back to the old ways of the 1980s .. funny I just typed in 1890s by mistake and for some sales and marketers it could actually be the 1890s.  Advertising, cold calling and emails ... we all know that stuff just doesn't cut it anymore.  If you interrupt me with those things I block you or at least piss you off. But ...

Social media has changed the world.  It's changed society, you are probably reading this on a social network and it's changed the way we do business.

This week I did an interview with a guy called Rob Wilmot 

https://youtu.be/toa7Uow8PRY where we talked about how social is being used to crowdsource for good.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) for example use social media and the power of the internet to crowdsource ideas on what projects they should fund and then allocate money based on the feedback they get.

The Mayor of Rio Olympics did the same, crowdsourcing ideas from the general public so the Rio people got a fitting legacy from running such a big event.

What does this mean for sales and marketers ... ?

My first book "social selling - techniques to influence buyers and changemakers" which is available on Amazon worldwide has created hundreds of millions pipeline from all over the world.  It has also helped sales people from all over the world to close millions in business.

How?  Through tried and tested techniques on social media.

Not using social media as a tactic and just posting and hoping.  Hope was never a strategy.  But by using social media as a strategy to help you:-

  • Market
  • Sell
  • Recruit Employees
  • Retain Employees
  • Gain new Suppliers
  • Find Investors

If we are not going to be able to have face-to-face meetings to help us sell, for the next 6 to 9 months, now is the time to make changes to the way we market and sell.

Using the tried and tested approach of social selling, will give you the uplift you are going to need to succeed.