I heard that the Mobile World Congress has been cancelled because of the fears over the Coronavirus.  This is a massive deal, 100,000 people are about to descend on Barcelona and spend money. 

Living in we do of times of sustainability, I'm amazed that nobody has mentioned the environmental impact.  But the list of no shows has increased and of course companies are scared that their employees will sue them if they catch the Coronavirus. 

So here's a thing.

Why don't we talk to our clients on social?

I don't mean putting out adverts, or putting out corporate content, I mean actually talking to people, just like we would do at the conference and exhibition.  We can do it on social afterall.

The hashtags are there #MWC2020 in case you didn't know what it was.

We could turn this problem into an opportunity.

We could run the whole event online.

The product launches can be streamed.

You don't need a stand, you can run Q&A webinars.

The whole thing can be run online and just think of the carbon that won't be thrown up into the air.  In fact why don't we do this every year?  It would help us all to drive towards a carbon neutral world.