I have a lot of SDRs connect with me and they all say "I've been recommended that you are a great resource for social selling, we cannot get this internally"

"We really want to do social selling, but my managers don't understand"

There is a realisation taking place across the world that social media has changed the world.  We all use our mobiles, the internet and social media in our daily lives as well at business.  You may well have found this article via social media.

Most of us thought social media was a glitch, or for posting cats, or for arguing about politics.  But, in fact if we take social strategically within a business it can create revenue and decrease costs.  Social media seemed to creep up on us from nowhere. 

The problem aries when we know how Facebook works, but we are scared to post or engage on LinkedIn.  As an example, I'm quoting a friend of ours post on LinkedIn here:-

"besides the fact it’s a significant change in mindset and process that needs to be adopted there is an increasing culture of those that confuse talking with doing and achieving due to inertia and often trepidation of doing something new. 

Whilst most know it’s how they like to communicate themselves on a non work related basis there is a gap between this and the application of the opportunity of social during working hours to drive relationship engagement and opportunity created as a result."

This person made 14 sales on Linkedin (they are only on LinkedIn) in November 2019 .... let's assume an average deal size of £50K ($65K) that's £700K ($910K) of new business at zero cost to marketing.  Not a bad ROI.

Here at DLA Ignite dlaignite.com we help people with social selling.  Now we have all been on "Masterclass" causes where you sit in a room for a day and learn maybe one thing.  That's like going to the gym for a day, that won't get you fit.  What we do is provide the knowledge, but also the coaching so you get the mindset change and the habit change.

This of it as a Personal Trainer (PT) for social selling.

We take you through the training regime and the diet plan, the whole lot.

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