Social Selling has now become the norm, in fact we should start calling it "selling".

Before we go any further, Social Selling is not people sending you sales pitches.  This is spamming.  Sales pitches on social are no different from a cold call.  Just spam.

There is a fundamental difference between interruption (advertising, unsolicited emails and cold calling) and social selling.  Social selling is based on permission, advertising, cold calling and unsolicited emails is based on interruption.

When you connect to somebody on social they give you permission.  It's worth pointing out that they don't give you permission to spam them.  (Spam me and I block you, it's as simple as that.)

Social selling is simple and is quick and easy to get started.

1.  You need to change your LinkedIn profile.  It should not be your CV or how you wrote it to get a job.  Your buyer is looking for an expert, write it as if you are in your buyers shoes.  My profile, or anybody from DLA Ignite would be a great place to start if you want an example.

2. You need a network.  Not contacts.  These are "relationships".  My advice is to connect to everybody in your territory you might want to talk to.  Everybody.  Gartner say that 10 people per account make a decision.  You need to be connected to MORE than 10 people per account.

A "network" is 5,000 people strong or more.  I will repeat, these are not contacts.  When you make contact you need to find 2 things that you have in common and try and have some form of conversation.  No more than a back and forward of 2 times.  You are trying to make a human connection.


3. You need content.  You can curate it, I use a free app called Flipboard.  You can create it.  My advice, with regard to content is to form a team.  This will allow you to get more coverage and support each other.

Content needs to be insightful and educational.  Please none of this corporate content.  It's dull, boring, feature and function.

That's it.

Of course, if you need any help on this, contact me on social.