Content is an important factor in social selling.  Why?  Because, as buyers, we are all looking for it.

We know that adverts don't work.  Recent research from Nielsen-Taboola shows that a person's attention span is less than that of a goldfish, when you interrupt them with an advert.  A goldfish attention span is 9 seconds, a human is now 8 seconds.

Except, give a person a piece of content, take this blog and you will read to the end.  Which is longer than 8 seconds.

The same, with any form of interrupt marketing, (advertising, cold calls and unsolicited emails) we have little time for it and little tolerance for it.

With content, you get a point across.

The mistake that people always make with content is that it's seen from a marketing point of view.  Which is a top of funnel (ToFu) market creation, activity.

It may well be, but you will a certain type of content for market creation.  It will be "one to many" content"

There is also "one to few" content, which is where you might be trying to influence, an account, a region or a vertical market.

Then there is "one to one" content where you can use content to influence one person.  You might have a deal stuck, so you write an article to unstick that deal.

You don't have to worry what right now it will come to you.

You can also use content as a away to speed deals through the pipeline.

This may sound like a lot of work?  It's a damn sight easier than calling people who never respond and you will get a better win rate.

But content is a team sport.

First, you can curate content, I use a free tool you can download called FlipBoard.

Then, obviously you can create your own content.  Us salespeople are some of the best communicators in the world.  So you can stop the excuses.  My advice, but I'm biased is to get a company like us in to help you.

First,we have a proven methodology and second and independent third party can be better at gaining commitment.

And the team sport.

We can show you how you can create a content factory, so you can all share, comment, engage and work with the teams content.

Worth a conversation?