This year is going to be different, yes?

This year you are going to stop all that 1990s sales shit, cold calling, spam emails and get into the 2020s?

Let's be clear here, apart from Sales Navigator all of those sales teach and tools don't really cut it.  It's more 1990s sales techniques!

All of these "throw mud at the wall and hope it sticks" sales methods are crap and we all know they are.  Let's focus on the sales we can win.  Let's cut these "hope" sales methodologies out.  Hope, after all, was never a strategy.

We know your clients are on social, so let's get on social too?

Let's spend the time getting a personal brand, let's start expanding our network and let's start creating content.

Our customers are looking for an expert, so let's be one.

Expand your network across your clients, into your prospects, right across your territory.  Let's not forget that Gartner reckon that ten people per account are needed to make a decision, so let's build relationships with 10, or 20, or 30, or 50 people across your accounts.

One of our clients has 100,000 employees, so in that case, you probably need to connect to 1,000 people!

Get creating content.

You know as well as I do that, you need content to engage with your customers and prospects.  You need content to provide insight to your prospects and customers.  You also need to educate them.

Using Sales Navigator you can see if you as a business are connected to the right people in a business.  This will enable you to de-risk your forecast and prospects.

It's as simple as that!