While there are skills shortages many organisations are falling back on the old fashioned ways of hiring, such as LinkedIn ads or recruitment consultants.

We were talking recently to a start-up in San Francisco that a table tennis table, table football, free yoga, free gym membership and free food but still couldn't retain people in role.

But using #SocialHR you can stop or at least limit the spend.  Thus reducing your recruitment / talent acquisition costs, while increasing your access to that talent.

Classic - more for less.

How do we do this?

First we activate the people within Human Resources (HR) on social, in terms of their personal brands, growing their networks and creating content.

By having a personal brand, people within the Human Resources (HR) department will looking interesting.  By growing their networks, especially outside of other HR people, in terms of your employees, your future employees and your alumni.  Your content, will be how you externaise your culture, so that people want to work at your company.

Great examples are Apple, Facebook, Google etc, all have terrible recruitment processes, but you still want to work there so you can eat jellybeans and sit on beanbags.

By activating your Human Resources (HR) staff and their networks will enable you to first.  Get talent to see your company and proactively want to join.  You will also be able to get your employees to share details of jobs through their networks.

We also think that by using social, you will get a better employee experience and be able to retain employees.