Not too long ago it was primarily the role of the marketing team, along with an external PR company who managed the brand/company reputation.

Today the role of brand/company management has more to do with cross functional departments, and none moreso than HR teams working in correlation with Marketing, and dare I say it, other cross functional departments also.

This is because today everyone in a company will be 'socially connected' on some platform or another. We've even seen employees with a greater number of 'social media' followers than the CMO and CEO, they are in fact micro influencers of the company/brand without you even knowing it. They are already sharing thought's and views about what it's like to work there, they will be the first port of call when prospects, customers, and potential employees are thinking about doing business with you, so your company will need to harness the extraordinary power associated with it, or lose out to your nearest competitor who does.

In today's socially savvy, digitally connected world potential clients, customers, and yes employees are checking out your company and it's incumbent employees across numerous social platforms. Unlike a few years ago when your website told people what you wanted them to know today people can do their own due diligence on your company, so it's probably not a bad thing that you have a greater understanding of the power of social media for something other marketing's use to 'advertise and promote' what it is your company does.

If you want to attract, retain, and encourage fantastic employee advocacy then ignoring the fact that 3.5bn people are on social media around the world, (I have no doubt that you will be reading this blog on one of them) isn't really sound business sense is it?.

In September 2019 as the No 1 Voice around the world for 'Social Selling' we are pleased to be launching the worlds first 'Social Media' accreditation program. This isn't a 'one day masterclass on social media' that people go to, get enthused, and a few days later it's 'business as usual' with the only real winner being the guys who sold you the one day gig in the first place.

This will be an industry recognised certified accreditation program that will provide significant social media skills to as many of your employees as is required. It's our mission to deliver this via a combination of a 12 week (90 minute sessions) and one to one mentoring, and an accolade that will prove your company is indeed an 'investor in people'.

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