Just got off the phone from a Sales Leader and he summed up the way people buy.  Note this isn't the way people sell (yet), it's the way people buy.

First you work out if you can trust a company.  You do this by the content they post and the people they keep. 

While he looks at a website, he said "nobody believes marketing speal" and "nobody believes any content created by marketing".  100% so far!

That was interesting.

Because he realised that to sell, he and his team needed to be authentic.  He and his team, need to match his buyers.

They needed to create their own active and static social presences.  They also needed to create their own content.  Why?  Because buyers are more likely to read that and trust content created by his team.  Or employees, let's forget that everybody is a salesperson.

We presented before the power of using employees over using corporate feeds.

Let's take IBM it has 531,000 followers on Twitter.

IBM has 366 employees.

Let's empower 50% of those employees to talk on social and let's assume they only have 100 followers.  These 100 people, know and love these people.

This would give IBM a following of 18.3 Million.

Now the average person has a following of 500 people, this would give IBM a following of 91.5 Million.

That's 91.5 million people who could share and amplify IBM content ... well I will be honest, it's unlikely they will share IBM content, because it will be boring.  I know that because ONLY 531K people follow IBM.

The business case is clear, just down to you to take action!