We often see companies charging ahead with digital transformation in a whole host of areas.  But when you look carefully, at "digital transformation" it isn't, it's system change.

Companies will have a whole host of legacy systems and if they can dump these and move to new cloud based systems.  So the IT suppliers will tell you.  A whole host of benefits are to be hold.

As somebody that has grown up with "new IT idea" after "new IT idea", I must admit that Cloud seems like just another "new IT idea".

It's a bit like a road, it get you from A to B.  You can keep digging up the road and laying new tarmac, but the road still gets you from A to B.

What you need to do is get greater efficiency and effectiveness from that road.

If so many companies where investing in digital, also invested in their staff to be more digital, this would have a transformational effect on society.

But they don't.

A reader of my first book "Social Selling - Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers" has just posted on Linkedin a page that has inspired him.  His management flatly refuse to get involved in transforming to digital, even though he is being inspired and is transforming himself.

We now have Sales Digital Transformation down to a repeatable and predictable processes where we would expect teams to get 30% incremental (so new) revenue.

In September we move on to the Human Resources (HR) department and we look to transform HR the same way we transformed Sales!