Has B2B Marketing really changed?

25 years ago when I started in sales we sent out letters, now we send out emails, we have saved the cost of the stamp, but nothing has really changed.

25 years ago we had cold calling, you could make 100 calls a day and get 10 meetings, now I understand if you make 100 calls you get 1 meeting. Either way, Cold Calling has never been a very efficient way of lead generation, anyway it is now even less efficient way of demand generation. 

That said, nothing has really changed.

Now the internet, social media and mobile have changed things.

If you make 1,000 cold calls you can pretty much estimate what return you will get. 

The same with sending 1,000 unsolicited emails you can estimate the outcome. 

We all know while it won’t be zero, it will be pretty close to zero.

We also know that if we connect with 1,000 people on Social we will get a higher return. 

Having a great personal brand, creating content and really looking like an expert, you can increase that return.

As well as all the benefits of shorter sales cycles or even acceleration of sales cycles.

So my question is this.

If we all know the benefits and return is higher and quicker than legacy sales methods, why have you not switch to social yet?