Sales always has and always will be about process, there are no short cuts.

I recall in the past when sales people would come to me and say that with no sales effort, a client was ready to sign.  There never did.  You always have to follow the steps, if you follow the steps you can find the gold!

Sales in that way has not changed.  Social Selling is a process, with steps you need to follow.  Follow them and you should be able to achieve 30% revenue growth to legacy sales methods.

Or as we so many people doing, which is "playing on LinkedIn" or put another way, which is being "busy fools" is a waste of time.  For example, using SSI as a measure.  We see so many people with a high SSI but without generating business.

We had a phone call from a German partner / reseller of ours the other day and he said.  "We've had so many sales people saying that something is game changing, so when another sales person says it, you don't believe it."  He then went onto say "you told us to "do this" and we did "this" just as you said and we are amazed at the results".

Playing on Linkedin never worked, using Linkedin as a pro-active prospecting tool.  Now there's a thing!