I think everybody understand that digital is transforming the world.  The internet, social media and mobile has changed the way we buy, is has changed the way we sell or market and in fact it has changed so many things as part of our daily lives.  From family groups on Whatsapp or Grandparents keep up with their family who might live in another time zone to one of our clients who sold two $300,000 ($600,000 in total) all terrain vehicles over social.

This buying power, has also changed our psychology of the way we buy.  We know and understand our power and it annoys us when people try and "pitch" / "sell" call it what you want.  But come to me and try and push a product and it annoys me.  Nobody gets up in the morning and says "I need to talk to a manipulative sales person".

Only the other week, there was a conference where "experts" got together where they deny the existence of the internet, social media and mobile.  Like the flat earth society, which denies the existence that the world is a globe, a sphere.  The ironic thing, was that this conference was launched on social media.  That's right the conference was launched on a platform that the experts deny exists.  Funny isn't!

Digital is transforming the way we do business, we are seeing articles about robotics, facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, internet of things (IOT), even the use of social media.  I was amazed about an interview I heard recently with the Finance Director at Accenture, he was talking about his Finance department and the Finance department of the future.  He was gaining efficiency and effectiveness in Finance by using digital.  The talk was about how Accenture was using robots and he talked about how robots would change the finance department of the future.  Scary eh?  Lots of job loses?  Not at all, they hadn't made one person redundant.  Robots were being used to automate certain processes, which freed up his people to focus on the cool stuff.

More is not just more, more is also very different.

Leaders need to be looking at ways to transform their business, right across the business, in Manufacturing, in Finance, in Human Resources, in Sales, in Marketing; you name it each department across the business can use digital.  This isn't just about increasing the efficiency in manufacturing, but also creating efficiencies (more revenue for less cost) in sales and marketing.

I've just got off the phone from a Business Leader who as 7,000 people of their 21,000 staff on social media.  Not pumping out corporate content, but blogging on LinkedIn, being authentic.  This is revolutionising sales, marketing and human resources at the same time.  More revenue for less effort and a culture that brings people to the company who want to work there.

Of course, you can carry on in the analogue world.  Just keep hitting those phones!