I've just been asked to attend a "major marketing tech companies" conference for free, the tickets are £1,400 each if you pay list price.  They send me a list of the sessions I can attend and I just sigh.

I guess I should be grateful.

But this is 2019 and do you really, really want to come and listen to a sales pitch?  One mass advert for a company?

But there again, most conferences today are just sales pitches / adverts.  The PR company wrote to me and said "content masterclasses, hands-on workshops, and an amazing line-up of inspirational (company name) and industry speakers”  to me this just sounds awful.  All this company is doing is broadcasting content at me.

If this didn't excite me (it didn't) then I could come and listen to all these customers telling me how great the products are.  I've already seen one of those pitches already.  In it they tell you how they get around GDPR.  That's right.  Because you have opted out of getting calls, emails and everything else we hate because it interrupts us, the company has spent (a lot of money) tracking you down on social and spamming you there.  There has to be something morally wrong with a company, that a) sells a product that can do this; b) a company really believes they should stand on a stage and tell us how morally corrupt they are and c) that people want to listen to this and think it's best practice.

Come on it's nearly the second decade of the 21st century and people still think that a computer with analogue processes is digital.  It isn't.  Email marketing took off in the mid 1980s (I know, I was there), the technology today, Martech it's called, allows you to fire more and more emails at an unwanting public.  This isn't digital marketing.  It's analogue marketing.

Please stop all this Broadcasting and interrupting it hurts you, it hurts your brand and just believing that Marketing = spamming just don't work anymore.  It's morally corrupt, you know it, I know and when your C-Suite understand what you are doing.  We have a phrase in the UK called "ape-shit" and when the average CEO knows what been going on, on their watch, they will go ape-shit.