One of the ways that the world had changed is the CV.  Now don't be confused with the title, thinking that LinkedIn is now your CV.  It isn't.

People are looking at your LinkedIn profile to see the real you.

What do I mean?

Your summary title, isn't your job title, it's your statement to the world of who you are.  It's there to pull me, the reader in.  Be intriguing. 

Your summary isn't what you do.  A list of products and services, just turns you into a spammer.  Your summary is your why.

Your career history, is about what you learnt, it is not a list of achievements and objectives.  Be human, be authentic, in fact the more authentic you can be the better.

Fill out your LinkedIn profile, with your education, where you have done charity work, etc etc.  After all, you want to be there, when a person comes to you and says "are you the Tim Hughes that went to Coventry University, I have just the job for you".  Obviously, your name and your university. :)

Employees are checking you out.

Future hires are checking you out and they are checking out all your employees.

Future employees are checking you out, a CV isn't good enough, people want to see you are competent on social.  This is now a core competency for (good) employers and great places to work.

If companies don't expect this, I would say, you might not want to work there. 

Still don't understand what I'm talking about, check this out