We are often party to discussions where the answer is "tech" or a "tool".

Usually the tool is going to magically do work that people are too "lazy" to do.

Take Passle, this is the tool that I am using to create this post.

When we talk with clients about blogging some people will have worked out that I use Passle.

The question we get asked is "should we buy Passle" and the answer is "if you think it will meet your business requirements".  Passle won't write the blogs for you.

Passle is a great way of writing content quickly, but you still have to write.

Like Sales Navigator, is the best sales prospecting tool on the market, but it requires you first to "understand social" and understand how to drive it.

Buffer is a great way to enable you to schedule, but you still have to engage on social.

CRM is a great way to manage your client relationships, but you have to put the data in the CRM and keep it updated.

Too many people think that the answer to the question is tech, when often it's just doing business.