It's amazing to me how often writers and articles are behind the curve.  This article talks about the "Smarketing" concept, when in fact Smarketing is live and well and you can read all about it in my second book "Smarketing - How to achieve competitive advantage through blended sales and marketing".

So what is Smarketing?  Smarketing is the merger of sales and marketing.

Why is this needed?  In a world where sales has been digitally transformed the roles of sales and marketing are, and will change.

Salespeople in the new world of digital, have taken on the process of prospecting and through the use of social selling are creating online relationships.  In other words putting their analogue territory on-line and managing it digitally.  Sales people are also able to undertake social media listening through standard tools you will get with your CRM.  Microsoft Dynamics is a great example of this.

Marketing role is shifting.  We only have to look at the world of digital marketing.  Any form of interruption marketing is now seen by clients as laughable.  Companies into advertising, cold calling, sending unsolicited emails and attending events are looked upon by prospects as having run out of ideas.

I know it, you know it and prospects know it.

With sales transformed and marketing no longer working, what is the role of marketing?

Let's take a few examples:-

1. Marketing will need to look at brand.

2.  Marketing need to look after top of funnel activity such as Influencer marketing.

3. Marketing need to supply to sales the key words or key phrases that they want the sales people to blog about.

That's just a few examples.

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