We onboarded a reseller in Vienna last week and they were the first people that we have ever met to get this question right.

We always ask clients and potential clients, what their USP (unique selling point) is.

And the answer is not a long list of product advantages, your only USP today is the people.

I know it's a shock for many companies but all products are the same.  Any while you may be shouting at the screen saying that your super duper app is unique, it may well be, but you are an expert.  I, and I'm a metaphor for all buyers, am not.

It does not matter how many white papers (that I won't read) you throw at me, I will never be as expert as you and will never be able to differentiate your products from the competition.

But, and it's a big but, I know and love many of your employees.  Now the trick is to activate them and empower them to talk in their authentic voice on social.  This does not mean pushing those white papers at me, I still won't read them whatever platform you push them out on.  Get your employees to be authentic and talk with their own voice not about your products, but what you can do.

Note how I'm not telling you about Digital Leadership Associates (DLA).

The average buyer buying a product or service over $100K will spend 40 hours researching those products and business issues.  Now if you have authentic content, in bite size chunks, that is keyword optimised then I will find it and read it.  Especially if it is written by  people who are passionate about it.  I might even share it and amplify it.