Critical to any sales success is prospecting and momentum.

The problem is today is two fold, it is so easy to piss people off and it is so easy to look like every other sales person in the world.

Let's look at each of those in turn.

1.  You client is just like you and me.  They are busy, doing their job, taking the kids to football and doing all those things that modern living requires.  They like you and me do all the things that we do.  Use social media, are on whatsapp groups, use LinkedIn.  Like you and me, they validate what sales people say, they go onto LinkedIn and they read content.

In the old days you could call people up and call them up and call them up and call them up and literally bully them through the sales process.  Now if you do that you will piss them off.

The other thing you are competing with is all the other sales people, which we will come to in a moment.  Every since sales was invented we have tried to differentiate ourselves in sales and people are.

The clever sales people are by using content to not just hook prospects, get leads and meetings and get onto short lists.  But the clever sales people are using content to accelerate deals and get momentum.

Think about it, it's logical.  People get pissed off you keep calling them.  We have already agreed people use content as part of the sales process.  So use content to get momentum and progress deals.  We now use content to prospect, we content on a one to many basis, we use content on a one to few basis and we can use content on a one to one basis.  I've written before about "dog whistle content".

So rather than piss people off, you can "add value" help somebody.

2. The second thing you don't want to do is look like every other sales person.  Thing about what every salesperson does?

They keep chasing people, they bully people through the pipeline, they don't understand the clients business issues, they don't understand the clients industry, they don't see how they can be relevant.  They want to sell something and disappear.  As buyer, we can smell that a mile away.  You probably still have "I want to sell you shit and run away" written on your Linkedin profile.  I get connection requests from people all day every day and they won't why I don't connect.

I was even blocked by somebody last week, I asked them what gave them the right to think that they had connected with me they could sell me something.  Hadn't realised being blocked was such an honour!

If you want momentum in 2019 the world of sales has changed.  Stop pissing off your clients and stopp doing what every other sales person is doing.