Recently we were in Singapore looking out at the Singtel building.  Singtel is the big mobile / cell operator over there.

Looking up Singtel on Twitter they have 35,000 followers, which is pretty good until you realise they have 25,000 staff and 4 million subscribers.  In other words, nobody is listening to their corporate message.  If you look at their Twitter the feed is all about them and it's a classic broadcast position.

Now is there a better way?  There is ....

If we could activate just 50% of the 25,000 staff and they only had 100 followers each on social, this would be more "reach" than the corporate activities.  Let's also not forget that that the employees followers will be friends, life partners and will love the employees.

As long as employees are not asked to stuff their channels with the corporate stuff we agreed didn't work above.  As long as employees are empowered and activated to talk with their own user generated content.  Friends will then amplify your materials, so you are able to get your message out to a community far wider than the employee base.