It's 2018, nearly 2019 and you are still arguing about getting your spam emails opened, has it really come to this?

Keenan sums it up perfectly in the quote of this Passle, nobody opens unsolicited emails and even if they do, are they actually buying?  My first Sales Manager said to be it doesn't matter how good your letter is (this was the pre-internet age after all) is, does it win you the business?

There is a whole industry growing up around getting emails opened and for what?  Actually nobody cares.  Well that isn't true, people who send unsolicited emails care.  People who make money writing such articles or teach people these out moded ways of selling care.  But us, the people that have our time wasted and inboxes filled with this rubbish we want it all to stop.

Sending cold emails shows you and your company are desperate, it shows your company does not have enough pipeline, it shows your company doesn't understand modern marketing and or selling.  It pisses people off and it impacts on your brand badley.

One of the "issues" that this article does not take into account is GDPR.  GDPR does not stop you sending me the email, but you must have an unsubscribe at the bottom of your email.  I also can (and I do) push for my "right to remain forgotten".  This means that not just you but the whole of your business has to stop emailing me or you will be fined 4% of turnover.

GDPR is applicable as I live in Europe.

It's time to stop all this rubbish about trying to manipulate me to open emails I will just delete when I realise I've been manipulated and start selling the way people, people like us, buy.