If you are not from the UK or like me you don't watch "Strictly" then you might have missed the storm that is engulfing us right now.

Each year, as we lead up to Christmas, male and female celebrities are partnered up with professional ballroom dancers.  Each week they are given a "theme" and each celeb and professional dancer do a 3 minute dance for a panel of judges.  Like any other talent show the judges vote and then the public vote.  Of course, this is about being good, it's about catching the public eye, often it's the sympathy vote that carries celebs who cannot dance forward.

Anyway, like a number of talent shows there is a "curse".  This called the "curse of strictly".  Which is the situation where male and female contestants have ended up getting "too close" to their partners.

I'm not making excuses, but training close to a person for hour after hour each week, where you share a journey and often have them in your arms.  People will be tempted.  Or will they?

My partner, is my soul mate, after I met her I stopped playing "I still haven't found what I'm looking for" by U2.  It has no meaning for me.  Strange I know, but when you meet the "one", you know.

So what has this got to do with social selling?

Here at Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) social-experts.net we always post on LinkedIn which clients we are seeing,  Alex Low even tags the people who is calling on.  Many people gasp at that and say, yes but what if my competitors see?  Or what happens if my competitors go through my contacts and call them all up?  Really?

As with Strictly, sure if your customer is fickle or maybe the relationship wasn't tight enough in the first place or you are not adding value, then maybe, just maybe your competitor can tempt them away.  But then there were not really customers where they?

By the way, none of the Strictly dance couples that decided to become couples every stayed together.  There is an old Siebel saying that "it's all about the customer" it is.

You can be assured I won't be watching Strictly on Saturday!