I read a LinkedIn Post the other day on how easy it was to get a CEOs mobile number either through apps or just Googling it.

But we've all been in that situation, your mobile rings and you don't know the number of the person calling.  Do you take the call, where it's most likely a cold caller interrupting your day, push it to voice mail or gamble and take the call.

As I work for myself, I'm in the position where I tend to gamble and take the call, only to be hit with the "Hello Tom, which energy supplier do you have at your office?"  (My name is Tim and I work from home.)  The salesperson then takes you down a path to manipulate you to change energy suppliers in an office I don't work in.

Wouldn't it be great if you could just push all these calls off to AI and let that figure it out?  Well if you have android (I don't) then you can.

We have already found that in the B2B big company world that I work in cold calling died two years ago, certainly where people are selling transactions low down, a pair of tickets for the rugby hospitality, for example are still being sold over the phone.  But this certainly could put an end to that.  No discerning CEO should leave home without it!

We were lucky to attend a Gary Vee #askgaryvee while he was in London and Gary said "technology always wins".  When it comes to cold calling is certainly has.

Maybe time to call the recruiters?