In the UK there is and has been a commonality between all of the companies that have failed recently.  They have all run advertising campaigns before they went down.

It's like watching somebody drown as they trash around.

I'm really sorry but advertising just isn't going to help you.  Why?  Because nobody look at adverts and nobody cares about your brand.

I passed this theory by somebody the other day and they said "yes but, you have to get your message in front of new people, the millennials".  I pointed out that if there is one niche of people that don't look at adverts it's Millennials and GenerationZ.  They don't look at adverts and are the biggest segment to use ad blockers.

Which is why Adidas used social media (and Influencers) at the World Cup to reach out to this segment.

In today's world, nobody looks at ads, ask any group of people that look at TV ads.  We did this here in Singapore and in a group of 10, 1 watched ads on the TV.

People are on social media, they form relationships on social media and if as a brand, B2C or B2B, you need to be on social.