There are two mistakes that people make when it comes to blogs and blogging.  The first mistake is that people think that other people give a shit about your products and services and of course we don't.

We all have our own busy lives to get on with and while it might surprise you that we don't actually care, it's one skill you need to make all the blogging effort work.

We are all sick and tired of corporate content, all telling us how great you are, how you are number one, how many years you have been in business.  As everybody says it, we filter that out as noise.

You must therefore detach yourself from the "corporate bullshit" and put yourself in the shoes of the buyer.  Or put it another way, stop being just another salesman and actually be the person that your buyers would like to connect and maybe talk to.

The other mistake people make, is they think that blogging is all about telling people how clever we are.  It isn't.  If you were talking to somebody at a party and they told you how clever they are, you would soon make your excuses and go and talk to somebody else.

This also forms an issue that we try and cram as many facts into a blog that we can.  People only remember one thing, so make one point.  500 words is fine.  If you have 1,000 points to make, write 1,000 blogs.

Does blogging work?  Of course it does, we have published over 400 blogs in the last two years we have been trading and we get 3 pieces of inbound every day.  Which is why we don't do any outbound, don't have to.

Our blog has also become a destination for people as they know there is fresh, insightful, educational content, daily.

Blogging works.