Nobody wants to see advertising, OK, I've said it!

Advertising was invented in a world before the internet.  In the 1930s the only way people found out about your product was for you to interrupt them and tell them about it.  You would broadcast to people.  "I wonder where the yellow went ...", "Not buts it's got to be butter".  Life was simple, the more you interrupted people, the more your product sold.

Enter the Internet stage left.

The world has changed.  We no longer need to call a company and ask for them to send us a brochure and hopefully it will arrive, three days later.  If we want to buy a product or service we just go onto the internet and research it.

Digital marketing has also given marketers more channels for them to interrupt us and broadcast, just like the 1930s.  Cold calling, cold emails even cold inmails have been sent to interupt us.  The thing is, we are all just bored of this "noise".

Ask anybody and we don't take cold calls, we block cold emails and we block cold inmailers.  There is enough for us to do in our busy lives and interruptions we can do without.

The same with advertising.  Ask anybody, we've had enough.  We don't need the interruptions.  We spoke with Marketers in Australia and said "You ignore billboards, you switch channels when adverts come on the radio, you don't remember the advert on the back of the bus you have driven behind on the way to work, you use ad blockers on your laptop.   So why do you get to work and commission more advertising".  We said this to some Marketers in Australia and they buried their head in thier hands and said "yes, they were that people".

The fact of the matter is that advertising is for marketing teams that have no ideas left, it's lazy marketing.  But thankfully Brands are already releasing this.  Adidas reduced their spend at the world cup as they know the target market of Gen Z and Millennials don't read Ads.  Proctor and Gamble reduced their ad spend and revenues went up.  Ad blocker usage grows at 30% year on year.

People don't want ads and it's time people walked away and stop using them.  As Adidas found at the World Cup, there are alternatives.