From the outset, social media platforms have offered an invaluable resource for marketers to drive sales online and in-store by reaching the right audiences. In fact, recent studies suggest that as many as 87 percent of ecommerce shoppers believe social media plays a vital role in helping them make shopping decisions.

But at the moment it seems that we research on social.  We might ask questions of our friends and followers, we might ask the advice of influencers (certainly in the b2B world) and we probably find and consume content that helps us understand our requirements and often we will come to a decision based on that content.

But I still think we shift from social and bring up a website (apart from WeChat in China).

Social media have tried "buy now" buttons but it's always be done in a "salesy" and or "spammy" way.  Which is why they didn't work.

In WeChat websites are built within the platform, so much so that your WeChat website will get more hits than the on-line website.  There seems to be little or no innovation coming from Silicon Valley, you only have to look at the recent "innovations" such as Uber, WeChat had that within the app, 5 years before Uber was invented.  Wouldn't it be brilliant if you could hail a taxi and pay for it, all within Facebook?

Wouldn't it be brilliant if you could research products within Facebook and then buy them within Facebook.  But it doesn't look that this will happen soon.  Pity.

Food for thought maybe.