There is current legislation in Europe called "the right to be forgotten", which if i want to be removed from your database, you have to do it.  Problem is, the fines are so low, nobody does.

GDPR upgrades this to 4% of turnover fines.

That means if you cold call me or cold email me and I ask to be removed from your database, your company (not just that sales person) has to remove me from every CRM, ever spreadsheet on a salesperson laptop or face 4% of turnover fines.

Now I know sales people will say they don't care but sitting with one of our clients recently in Singapore.  They are a big company that see data responsibility as important.  Not just the 4% of turnover fines are massive.  This is big shit, I think the technical term is.

If we take this to the logical conclusion, this changes sales.

No longer can we push the prospect down a pipe by calling them and emailing them.  We sales people knowing they want to buy our product, we know what's good for them and if we "badger" them enough in the end they will buy.

This changes sales FOREVER ....... 

Now you have the write to put your fingers in your ears and go la la la la la ..... or do something about it.