Are you hindering your sales team?

Why is Marketing not your best friend?

When was the last time you looked at the data you have access to, to help your sales team become far more effective. 

To help your Marketing team drive more effective MQLs?

2020 is only a blink of an eye away in corporate terms, yet so many business are slow to realise what  is coming; but more importantly what is expected by their prospects and clients in terms of the digital or social buying experience they have, prior to talking to one of your sales team - if they will even exist in their current guise.

What annoys people the most? when they have to repeat to someone what they have already been asked to do previously online. Whilst this is referring to chat bot technology, this still has broader relevance when viewed through the lense of Intent Data. 

How much information or data on your prospects or clients online behaviour do you give to your sales reps before they engage, be this on the phone, email or social? If it is none, then you may as well be asking them to do their job blindfolded with one arm tied behind their back, whilst standing on one leg.

And don't tell me that "my buyers aren't on social" - if this is the case, why do you have a website, corporate Linkedin page and Corporate Twitter? If they are not on social, then delete them all, sack Marketing and spend your money on cold call lists.

How we buy as Consumers is driving an overall change in our buying expectations in how we interact with an organisation online and then how is that continued offline when we are speaking to the same business. Is it a continuation or are we starting the conversation again.

No to mention that your next generation of buyer & influencer, this is all they will know. It is likely to be all done through mobile. Just look at WeChat.

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.