What is your brand known for...?

It’s a great question to ask yourself.

What is my company known for and what am I known for...?

It may be that your brand carried a certain weight in the market. People knew that that product or service was of high quality and came back time after time. From a personal perspective, your own brand may have been solid, but how do you get that message to those who don't already now about it...?

Now that the buying motions have switched to digital is more prevalent, how do you fair?

Have you managed to maintain what you had or have things changed?

People are winning the battle over the brands…we see it everywhere.

Virgin has 244K Twitter followers:

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Richard Branson has 12.4M

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Nike has 8.5M followers

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Serena has 10.7M

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Lebron has 49.6M

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Ronaldo has 92.3M

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So, you might think if Nike are going to try and sell Tennis, Basketball or Football wear, they should give Serena, LeBron and CR7 a call...

The people are winning the battle over the brands...

What has this got to do with your organisation?   Everything...

Who are your Serenas, LeBrons and Cristianos..?

I regularly meet with organisations who are fixated on their company page. How you manage your company page is a useful part of your overall strategy, but your people are way more powerful.

Add up the number of followers your people have and compare it to the company page. These are real people…people who can communicate and connect.

A significant part of this is linked to your ‘digital identity’.  Basically, what you are known for in digital circles.

This is not what you sell but what you want to be known for...

For some it may be diligence or the development of people. Others might wish to be known as the person who goes the extra mile or for their focus or customer care.

Nowadays we are searching more for the true digital identities of those in our networks. When we see them, we can choose if that resonates with us, and we can connect. Once the connected we get to know each other more and forma bond through digital.

If your digital identity is masked by an ineffective profile and shares of corporate content, you are invisible to us. 

Decide what you really want to be known for…not what you sell…

Ask someone close to you but honest enough to tell you the truth, to review you profile and your content and tell you what it says to them.

If their response doesn’t harmonise with what you want your digital identity to be, you need to make adjustments.

This exercise is even more powerful when done for the entire team – “what is our digital identity...?”

In 2021 your profiles should be hitting biological and psychological tenants and providing digital optimisation. The profiles of you and your team should be working hard for you even when you are logged off the platform. 

Your content should provide a relatable platform for engagement that speaks to your intended digital identity.

Once we align all of this and get things working in harmony, we can then start to build your digital dominance in your market, sectors and over your competition.

In the roaring 2020’s, its important your team have all the digital skills they need to be able to network, prospect, develop and close business all online.

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