A term coined by the great Bill Gates way back in 1996.
What has change in 25 years?
✔Over 4.3 bill active social media users.
✔Increase of over 521 mill in 12 months.
✔B2B is moving to 85% digital first.
✔Buyers would prefer a seller free experience.
So what does this mean?
❌Using social media as a broadcasting or advertising tool.
❌Sharing content setup by marketing or the company page.
It means that the buyer-centric employee profile, which we know has 10x the reach of the company page, should be looking to produce pieces of content and insight into social media daily.
Can't I just share corporate?
No. Because the corporate is not you. This is brand visibility, we need humanised.
As buyers search for answers on and partners, we need to be comfortable that what we find and who we find, can help us and become trusted.
How do I give them this?
Write content, have a plan, strategy, growing your network in the right places, share your knowledge. Interact with others. Have conversations.
Daily. Social Selling Transformation.

Our programme takes you front & centre.
Be you. Be social.
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