In this article, Catherine Coale from Telstra Purple talks about the transformation to being a social organization.

So What is a "Social Organization"?

Many people think this means a non-for-profit, but it's not that. It's a business that uses social media, as a strategy rather than a tactic.

Let me explain.

We all use social media in the business. Often it's in digital, within marketing, where we post stuff about the business.

It might be in sales, again we post about the business.

We might use it in Human Resources (HR), we might tweet job adverts.

In all those cases the results are average, in many cases they are poor.  What Telstra Purple have done is decided to take social as the core of what they do, as a strategy and to transform the business.

What Has This Got To Do With Recruitment?

Catherine says this

"When we asked the senior leaders of our business what they wanted from our Social Organisation Programme, many of them included “better hiring opportunities” in their list.

Honestly, we had this part of the initiative pencilled in as phase 2 of our programme to start in October, but already we are beginning to see seeds of real impact with a recent new joiner citing the fact that we’re a Social Organisation as a reason for joining.

We’ve made our business ten times more visible on LinkedIn (a job hunting platform) and have given our people the microphone. It’s not just a confident brand that potential new recruits see now, but the real people, how they feel and the everyday work that’s being done. Our employees are publishing their own content on their personal social profiles – it’s incredibly powerful."

They had a member of staff who was offered more money to join a non-social organization, but they turned the role down.

Now a "swallow doesn't make a spring" up in this world of us all needing to recruit great talent and retain that talent.  Maybe, just maybe there is a competitive edge here? 

If you want a chat about how this could work for your organization, you can contact me here