Primark was the darling of the High Street, in Kingston in London near where are live, they took over a large retail store and opened only a few months ago to a massive fanfare.

If you don't know, Primark offer "value" clothing.  They stuff the retail space with as much low priced clothing as they can.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing.  Of course you would, there is so little margin on what they were selling, you need to "pile them high and sell them cheap".

I purchased a Christmas jumper from them for £10 ($13) and I've worn it a few times.  In fact, many people said they wore the product once and threw it away, it was easier than washing it.

Because margins were low, they didn't have a website.  Why would you bother with the problems associated with a website, selling low priced clothing? 

Then came Covid19 and the world went on-line.

They have no furloughed 68,000 staff.

I feel for these staff and for the company at one point you are the darling of the high street.  Maybe they will be back?

Here in the UK I have been in self-isolation for 5 weeks and the Government has told us there will be 3 more weeks of lock down.  Maybe for the staff this will just be 3 weeks of "vacation" on furloughed pay .... maybe they can do lots of things at home they now have time for.