Covid-19 seems to be dictating the pace of change in business right now. There was a time when it seemed like fun to go to an event or conference and put up a stand to generate the leads and create the awareness that the company needed.

Now Covid-19 seems to be driving us all online.

Conferences, sales kick offs, etc are being cancelled left, right and centre. I was speaking at a conference yesterday and some people stayed away, others cried off, citing company policy to stay at home.

Either way, it looks like things will get worse before they get better. I’m supposed to be in Paris in a weeks time and running the meeting over the web seems like the best proposition. 

It isn’t just about putting myself in close proximity with other humans, I could go to Paris and the border is shut and I cannot get back. 

The question that was posed at me today was.

“OK, we need leads and meetings, but all of our Conferences and events have been cancelled so how are we going to replace those leads?”

The second question that was posed to me was “how are we going to close deals if there are no face-to-face meetings?” The “last mile of sales”.

They are both great questions. We have a solution. 

Social Selling.

Social media has changed society and its changed business. Just think, the Arab spring, the ALS Ice Bucket challenge and turn on the TV News and it will be about who has tweeted. You may not like the freedoms that social media gives us in society, but the genie is out of the bottle.

But something has changed. All the world is on social media. The research from Hootsuite and We are Social Media shows there are 3.75 Billion people in the world active on social media. From a B2B Enterprise prospective, that is pretty much everybody you are going to need to sell to. 

What I mean by this is to use social media strategically (not tactically, there is a big difference) to prospect (find those leads and meetings you are going to miss through the cancellation of those Conferences and events), to nurture, to drive the leads through the pipeline and to close the deals (the last mile of sales). All online.

We have a methodology and we teach sales and marketing people, so they can sit home and generate the leads and meetings that will have been lost due to the lack of events. 

They can nurture those leads on social, they can manage the leads through the sales cycle, they can then close the deals on social. 

So while there will be some drop off, but social selling will enable you to get a more sales and marketing, so business as usual. Like we had before Covid-19.

Why not set up a conference call with us and we can explain more.

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